Posted 03.05.2023

6 reasons why you should turn your hobby into a business

Have you ever considered turning your hobby into a business? In a world where craftsmanship has the power to bring communities together and promote more sustainable ways of doing business, we believe that it’s essential for artisans to be able to make a living from their work. In this blog, we will cover the top 6 reasons why you should turn your hobby into a business. With these tips, we hope you will be one step closer to creating your own craft business!

Turning your hobby into a business

1. Gain the Freedom of Working for Yourself

When you work for yourself, you’ll enjoy a level of freedom that is hard to find in a traditional job. As your boss, you’ll have the ability to set your schedule, choose the creative projects that interest you, and take on as much or as little work as you want. You’ll have the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. While working for yourself can come with its own set of challenges, the freedom and flexibility it offers can make it a rewarding and fulfilling way to earn a living.

Turn a hobby into a business

2. Become better at your craft

Working on your craft every day allows you to improve your craft more quickly and efficiently than doing it as a hobby. You’ll be able to invest more time and energy into acquiring new skills and refining your techniques as an artisan. The more proficient you are in your work, the better your products will be – helping you to deliver the best possible experience for your brand for your customers. Growing your skillset can help you retain existing buyers and engage new customers seeking high-quality work.

3. Take Greater Pride in Your Work

As an independent business owner, you are more likely to take pride in your work and pay close attention to the little details that can set your brand apart from the competition. This leads to great products, positive testimonials, and eventually business growth. When working for another business, this kind of effort can often be overlooked and you may not receive any direct benefit from your performance.

3. You Get to Make the Rules

Being your boss means you have full control over what you do. You won’t need to pitch your ideas to others or jump through hoops to get projects approved. You’ll be able to undertake work as complex or simple as you’d like and explore new things that you have always wanted to make. From product design to marketing, you’ll have a full creative direction for every aspect of your business.

Turn a hobby into a business

5. There’s a huge market for handmade items

Shoppers are becoming more conscious of the impact our purchasing habits are having on the environment, local economies, and our communities. There is a growing need for alternatives, and handmade items perfectly fill that gap. Rather than buying mass-produced pieces, more people are seeking handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gifts that have a positive impact on the world around us. Would you like to reach more shoppers looking to buy from artisans like you? Become a seller on Faber today by visiting

6. you’ll be more likely to enjoy your work

Choosing to turn your hobby into a business will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your passion. There’s a reason why you picked up your craft in the first place; the enjoyment you receive from it is likely a huge driving factor. Being able to dedicate more time, energy, and resources to growing your expertise in an area of your choice is rewarding and satisfying. To keep the happiness you receive from your hobby alive, the bulk of the work you do for your business must remain fun to you. It’s important to make smart business decisions that will prevent you from stressing about reaching customers, and instead focus on the creative side of your business.

How can Faber Artisans help?

We want to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to become a creative entrepreneur and start selling their crafts. Our blogs are full of useful information on how to turn a hobby into a business, but did you know that you can sell with us too? From just £7.95, you can gain access to all the tools you need to start selling your products online, including your online storefront. Visit our subscriptions and see how we can help. If you are interested in some of the lovely products we have to offer check out our shop and buy some handmade goods.


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