Posted 19.08.2022

Faber Artisans: Buy and Sell Handmade Products in the UK

 Welcome to Faber, the new way to share and discover exceptional handmade goods. Our platform is dedicated to connecting intendent businesses with discerning customers looking for a better way to shop. 

Buy and sell handmade goods:

Embracing Creativity:

At its core, the ability to sell handmade products is a celebration of creativity. By turning your passion into a business, you can showcase your unique artistic vision to the world. Creating handmade products allows you to express yourself and explore different mediums, whether it’s pottery, jewellery, textiles, or woodworking. The satisfaction of bringing an idea to life through your own hands is unparalleled. Not only do you get to channel your creativity, but you also get to share it with others, spreading joy and beauty.

Meaningful Connections:

Being able to sell handmade products is not just about making a transaction; it’s about building connections. When someone purchases a handmade item, they are investing in a piece of your story and becoming a part of it. Each product has its tale, whether it’s the inspiration behind it, the techniques used, or the materials sourced. As a seller, you have the opportunity to share these stories and create a personal connection with your customers. These connections can lead to loyal patrons who appreciate the authenticity and value of handmade goods.

Supporting Local and Ethical Practices:

By selling handmade products, you become an advocate for local and ethical practices. In a world where fast fashion and mass production often exploit workers and harm the environment, the handmade industry stands as a beacon of sustainability and fair trade. Handmade products are typically crafted with care, using high-quality materials and traditional techniques that prioritize durability and longevity. When customers choose handmade, they support local artisans, contribute to a more sustainable economy, and become conscious consumers who value the impact of their purchases.

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Opportunities:

Selling handmade products can also open doors to exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. With the rise of e-commerce platforms and social media, you have access to a vast customer base beyond your local community. Setting up an online store or utilizing existing marketplaces allows you to reach customers worldwide and grow your business exponentially. Furthermore, selling handmade products can be a stepping stone to other ventures, such as offering workshops, collaborating with other artisans, or even starting your boutique or gallery. The possibilities for expansion and diversification are endless, giving you the freedom to explore and evolve as an entrepreneur.

So why sell with us?

The decision to sell your handmade products is not just a business move; it’s a leap into a fulfilling and enriching journey. Embracing your creativity, building meaningful connections, supporting ethical practices, and unlocking entrepreneurial opportunities are just a few of the many benefits you’ll experience. By sharing your handmade creations with the world, you’re not only adding beauty to people’s lives but also making a positive impact on the local and global communities. So, let your entrepreneurial spirit soar and embark on this exciting path, knowing that the joy of selling handmade products is immeasurable.

sell handmade products

Built for Artisans 

We want to uplift the voices of artisans and magnify the positive impact their creations have on our lives. We strive to make it easier for independent makers to build thriving online businesses by providing an exclusive, artisan-only selling platform. 

Every maker who applies to join Faber is screened by a real person. We value the quality of our sellers over quantity; wholesalers of mass-produced goods and resellers are not accepted on our site. By accepting only authentic craftspeople, we keep competition at a minimum for legitimate sellers. 

Get Discovered by New Audiences 

We believe we can achieve more by working as a community and pooling resources. By investing in far-reaching print and digital advertisements, we can help your products get discovered by the right people. Taking a multi-channel approach like this helps us build a robust and diverse audience who are interested in all things handmade and making an impact through the products they buy.  

We’ve already set exciting promotional campaigns into motion; Faber has teamed up with established magazine titles such as Craftworld, Love Sewing, and Simply Cards and Papercraft to reach an audience of 500k+ readers.  

Subject to availability, we also offer our sellers individualised and group promotional opportunities – like being showcased in advertising campaigns, ‘featured seller’ lists, and across our social media channels. 

sell handmade products

Why be an early adopter? 

By being among the first to join Faber, you’ll gain early access to the audience we bring to the marketplace through our national advertising campaigns. We target our advertisements to ensure that we are reaching shoppers who value high-quality, authentic handmade products. With a smaller pool of vendors to choose from, your creations are more likely to get noticed by buyers.  

 You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape our platform and serve your interests as a creative business owner. If you want to learn more about our ongoing feedback program, please visit this link (link to building a community blog).   

Start selling with Faber. 

Are you ready to start building a flourishing online handmade business from home? We are welcoming new sellers to join our growing community of talented artisans. Sign up today at   

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