Posted 23.05.2023

Crochet Business Names: How to choose a name for your crochet business

As a handmade seller, it’s essential that your business name reflects your business positively and helps you stand out from the competition. The right name can help to build trust with potential customers and make it easier for them to remember your business for future purchases. In this post, we’ll share some practical tips for choosing a name for your business, alongside examples of crochet business names you can use as inspiration.

1) Choose a name that reflects the values and mission of your brand

The name of a business is usually one of the first thing a customer notices. It’s crucial to make choices that resonate with your target audience, as the right branding message can influence how people perceive your business and even impact their buying decisions.

Firstly, consider what your target audience wants and expects from you. By understanding their desires, you can ensure that your crochet business name resonates with them and reflects your brand in an appropriate way. For example, do you specialise in products made with eco-friendly yarns? You could incorporate sustainable messaging into your brand name with earthy adjectives, nouns, and adverbs like ‘green’, ‘planet’, ‘naturally’, ‘eco’, and ‘thoughtful’. The use of one or more of these words would help affirm that buying from your brand is a sustainable choice for an eco-conscious shopper.

crochet business names


2) Pick a memorable crochet business name

A memorable name can be incredibly advantageous for leaving a lasting impression on customers and receiving more sales. It’s one of the first things shoppers will recall when they think of your business and will help them to navigate back to your store in future.

To create a name which is easy to remember, you may want to make sure that it is of a reasonable length, easy to write, and easy to pronounce. Avoid names that are easily misspelt or use words that sound the same but have several meanings (for example, “so crafty” and “sew crafty” are pronounced the same but written differently), as this will make your business more difficult to search for online. Repeat your name aloud and write it down a few times to help you get a feel for how easy it is to spell and pronounce.

Another detail to consider is how creative your business name is. A unique, punchy name will help you stand out from the competition. A business specialising in crocheted cupcakes, for example, “Sprinkle Stitches,” would be more memorable than “Crochet Designs”.


3) Give yourself time to reflect on your crochet business names

Sometimes, a business name might sound great when we first think of it, but we later dislike it. On other occasions, we might not be happy with it in the beginning, but it eventually grows on us and becomes a favourite. Once you’ve got a list of potential names, give yourself a little time to think about them and reflect before making a final decision. You could even share your ideas with friends, family, or conduct market research by surveying your target audience on your choices.

After you’ve had some time to consider your options and you’re happy with your choice, make sure not to get hung up on your other options. Its easy to get wrapped up in the details and take away energy from other important aspects of your business.


4) Remember to check the availability of your business name

Keeping your branding consistent across your store, website, and social media channels will help make your business more memorable. Before you commit to a crochet business name, you might want to check whether it is occupied across the marketing channels you intend to use (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and website domains). You can either do this manually or use a tool like namechk to get a quick overview of the availability of your name.

Are you in need of some more inspiration before making the final commitment to your business name? We’ve gathered a list of crochet-inspired example names to help you get the ideas flowing:


Crochet Business Names Ideas:

  1. The Crochet Hub
  2. Yarn and Needle
  3. [Your Name]’s Crochet Co
  4. Sprinkle Stitches
  5. Threaded Tales
  6. Crochet Hooked
  7. Crochet Alliance
  8. Yarn Fancies
  9. Mermaid Threads
  10. Woollen comforts
  11. Crocheted Kingdom
  12. Lace Loop Designs
  13. Hideaway Crochet
  14.  [Your Name] Crochet
  15. Loops of Lace
  16. Cotton Cosy
  17. Tasselled Designs
  18. Crochet Works
  19. Crochet by [Your Name]
  20. Crochet Confections
  21. [You Name]’s Crochet Studio

Eco-Friendly Crochet Business Names

  1. Crochet for Change
  2. Cottage Crochet
  3. Natural Knots
  4. Naturally Knitted
  5. Wool and Twine
  6. Wild Crochet
  7. Meadow Stitch
  8. Cotton Renew
  9. Coastal Stitch
  10. Soft and Sustainable
  11. Yarn by the Sea
  12. Folk Threads


What to do once you’ve chosen your business name

Make sure your business name and branding are cohesive

It’s essential to consider how your business name will complement your overall branding.

Does your name go with your overall colour scheme? For example, although green colours are in keeping with an eco-friendly theme, they may not work for a name like “Coastal Stitch”, as it might conjure images of polluted water – aqua and baby blues would be better suited to this name.

It’s also important to assess how your name will appear in the specific fonts you plan to use for your logo, marketing materials, and website. It should always be as straightforward and easy to read as possible.


Setting up your store

Now you’ve settled on a business name and decided how it’ll work together with the visuals of your brand, it’s time to begin taking the first exciting steps in your journey as a handmade business owner! Although getting your business off the ground may seem daunting, you can get help turning your crochet business dream into a reality with our guide to selling crafts as a hobby in the UK.

At Faber, we specialise in helping handmade business owners in the UK to earn money while crafting. We provide a unique, artisan-only selling platform that allows makers to promote their products to an audience of shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind handcrafted goods. You can learn more about becoming a vendor on Faber by visiting


Crochet Business Names

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